Meet the brothers



Jake is the "Head Honcho", "The Big Cheese", "The Big Tamale", "El Capitan", "Top Dog" of  Hayhurst Brothers Design and Build.  He isn't the oldest, but he is the most handsome and has the best hair of the 3.

Jake has a wife named Christin and 2 beautiful daughters, Lily and Stella.


Seth is the eldest of the 3 and has been blessed with thinning hair which makes it rare for you to  see him without his hat on.  Seth keeps the other 2 boys on budget and handles the business end of things at Hayhurst Brothers Design and Build.

Seth's clearly better half is Lindsay and he has 3 outstanding children, Piper, Hank and Harvey.


Daniel is the youngest of the 3 brothers and has a knack for dancing.  His moves on the dance floor have been known to take over.  He is the one who keeps the Hayhurst Brothers punctual and on time to all of their important business meetings.

Daniel is flanked by his beautiful wife Amber and has a new baby boy, Barnabas.