seth Hayhurst


The elder

Seth is the eldest of the 3 and has been blessed with thinning hair which makes it rare for you to  see him without his hat on.  Seth keeps the other 2 boys on budget and handles the business end of things at Hayhurst Brothers Design and Build. Seth's clearly better half is Lindsay and he has 3 outstanding children, Piper, Hank and Harvey.


Seth Hayhurst

meet Seth

Seth comes to Hayhurst Brothers by way of the corporate world. Seth spent his post college days working for and starting multiple companies in what we now call “The Corpo World”.  Seth grew impatient in the city and moved out to the farm when his second son, Harvey, was born. Seth has spent many of the last 15 years in the mortgage business and is still licensed.  Seth brings a business mind to the farm and also an understanding of deadlines and budgets.

As a brother, Seth is the wise and witty type. Being the eldest of the three, he cares deeply for the well-being of his siblings, his family, and his community. He takes initiative to pursue each member equally, ensuring there is a healthy balance in everything from work, to marriage, to social settings. His passionate ambition for life is radically inspiring to everyone he comes in contact with.

Seth Hayhurst Family

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is hands down the most beautiful woman on the planet (no, this is totally not Seth). Inside and out, she emanates humble perfection. Lindsay also makes wonderful children!  Hank, Harvey and Piper are little bundles of heck-fire and pure joy.  Lindsay does an out-of-this-world job raising these little humans and always finds a way to make home and heart a beautiful place to be.  

Lindsay is a retired first grade teacher of 10 years and when she isn’t teaching her kids how to be good men and women, she is teaching them how to read, write, and add.  In her spare time, Linz creates with fabric and thread. She enjoys the structure and creative freedom allowed when sewing.  

If you ever get the honor of meeting this wonderful being, you will walk away from that interaction asking one simple question…”How did Seth land this one?”

Lindsay Hayhurst

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