Jake Hayhurst


The big cheese

Jake is the "Head Honcho", "The Big Cheese", "The Big Tamale", "El Capitan", "Top Dog" of  Hayhurst Brothers Design and Build.  He isn't the oldest, but he is the most handsome and has the best hair of the 3. Jake has a wife named Christin and 2 beautiful daughters, Lily and Stella.


Jake Hayhurst

meet jake

Jake has a long history in the construction business.  He went to school for construction management and then spent time building large scale commercial projects in multiple different countries before settling back in Texas. He has an innate ability to see obstacles as nothing more than a challenge and opportunity to learn a new way of doing something. When designing homes, Jake often gets the question, “Is this possible?” And Jakes answer is almost always, “Let me think on it, I will figure it out.”

As a brother, Jake is a steady, constant. Jake would walk through a desert shoeless if it was asked of him. A man of quiet confidence and hands made to create, Jake prides himself on being the man his wife, Christin, needs him to be, and is a shining example to his 2 daughters.  You can look far and you can look wide, but you will be hard-pressed to find a man made of better stuff!

Jake Hayhurst Family

Meet Christin

Christin is a perfect compliment to her husband, Jake.  Her joyful and welcoming hospitality makes her home a revolving door of friends, family and strangers alike.  She always has a smile on her face and is ready to serve.  Christin homeschools their daughters, Lily and Stella, on the farm, all while creating beautiful pottery.  If she isn’t teaching, making something out of clay, or serving food to the masses, you can find her spurring on a good conversation with a magnetic smile and encouraging laughter.  Christin is a true gem!

Christin Hayhurst Pottery

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