daniel Hayhurst



Daniel is the youngest of the 3 brothers and has a knack for dancing.  His moves on the dance floor have been known to take over.  He is the one who keeps the Hayhurst Brothers punctual and on time to all of their important business meetings. Daniel is flanked by his beautiful wife Amber and has a new baby boy, Barnabas.


Daniel Hayhurst

meet Daniel

Daniel’s history takes us down an interesting road. Dan graduated high school and went to film school in Los Angeles. Daniel's time in film led him to a unique way of looking at design and creation that makes him a wonderful Lefty to Jake’s Pancho. Daniel has been designing floor plans since he was knee-high to a jackrabbit. His eye for space and how we interact with space has allowed him to design homes with an intelligence that our clients love!  

As a brother, Daniel is the youngest and therefore has grown up learning how to follow rules.  He had the opportunity to learn from the painful mistakes made by his older brother Seth. Daniel is one of the kindest men you will ever meet.  Daniel has a way of diffusing any arguments between Seth and Jake and he is wonderful at compromise. Daniel is a true friend and loyal to the core.  When in a pinch, you can count on Daniel to be standing behind you waiting to take on an army if necessary. Daniel's need to follow rules apply to every facet of life except the dance floor. With the right music, Daniel's arms, legs and hips will defy all rules of physics. If you get to be around for one of these events, sit back and enjoy. It is a sight to behold.

Daniel Hayhurst Family

Meet Amber

Amber is Daniel's “Ol' Lady,” as she is endearingly referred to.  Daniel & Amber have a handsome young'n named Barnabas and she is never far from him.  Amber has a similar steady constant quality to her that brings peace and stillness to the farm.  Like Lindsay (Seth's wife), she is a retired first grade teacher, which comes in handy when she has to try to keep the 30-year-old first graders on task. Amber has beautiful taste in home furnishings and an eye for interior design. Amber is an incredible encourager and speaks into people with wisdom well beyond her years.  She is also a wonderful painter and artist.  She loves to paint from her big picture window in her home on the farm, or at the Hayhurst Brothers Building in Bridgeport.

Amber Hayhurst

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